Know More about Blackjack Kartenzählen (Card counting in German)

Blackjack Kartenzählen or card counting was firstly performed by Ed Thorp; a mathematician that figured out the card counting. To make a perfect strategy used basically by the players, he removed a 2 from the cards deck so there was a positive expectation inside the blackjack. The strategy he made was tested in real scenario, devised a system and made him writing a bestseller book entitled Beat the Dealer.

Beating the Casinos

Playing a blackjack with strategy is not only about memorizing a chart, add and then subtract by one as well as empty the casino vault out. It is not that easy. Besides you need to learn about card counting in many hours, you also should learn about money management properly. You also should learn about how to perform the casino surveillance detection, avoiding certain rules, as well as the way to handle the emotional swings and financial in the game. You should find the best resources to learn about card counting.

Is it Important to Learn Card Counting?

When you play blackjack, you certainly can make money after win in the game. You can use many strategies to successfully make money and card counting is one of them. You can use the weakness of other people to make money on casinos, and you can make the people pay for your capability on card counting.

The Reasons that Card Counting Works

When the concentration of aces and tens left are higher in the shoe, then the player will be dealt more blackjacks that will pay 150% bet of yours. Meanwhile, the dealer will more often bust or going over 21. Equally, the players will get fewer blackjacks when more small cards are left. Whilst the dealer will bust less. Those realities create a mathematical formula that can be counted by Blackjack Kartenzählen. It will track the concentration of low and high cards carefully so the player will know the best time to place big or small bets. Even the concept is simple, you need to have many times of practice as well as hard work to successfully make it